Joints make a lot of noise and sometimes it’s hard to know what’s the cause. Here’s all you need to know about joint noise.

Joints are noisy. Especially as we get older. We’ve all experienced standing up after a long time sitting down and hearing startling snaps, crackles, and pops. Have you ever wondered what those noises mean? And have you ever wondered if they’re harmful?

Why do my joints make noise?

The older you get, the noisier your joints are. Joint noise becomes louder as cartilage breaks down as well. Joints make several different noises, and each means something different.

Clicking and snapping

Have you ever heard soft clicking in your elbow while lifting weights, doing pushups, or doing tricep dips? Soft clicking and snapping may be due to a tight muscle rubbing around the bone. Don’t worry, a little bit of stretching can help.

Cracking and popping

Tilt your head from side to side. Chances are, you heard a little crack. Draw a circle with your ankle. You probably heard a pop. Cracking and popping is usually caused by air bubbles in the fluid that surround and lubricate your joints. It is also often caused by the sliding of stretched ligaments off one bony surface to another. This type of joint noise is perfectly normal if not accompanied by pain.

How can I avoid creaky joints?

There is a reason that your joints are creaky after sitting down. Staying in a fixed position makes your joints stiffer and more prone to noise. Movement will naturally help lubricate the joints and help them stay moving smoothly.  

If you sit often, make sure that you get up at least once every hour. Exercising daily will also help keep the joints healthy and less noisy.

When are joint noises harmful?

Most joint noise is harmless. Recurring joint noise that is not accompanied by pain usually doesn’t have any abnormal or harmful cause. It usually just means that you’re not as young as you once were!

One-time joint noise could be a different story. A sudden pop accompanied by pain could mean some kind of ligament tear, tendon strain, tendon tear, broken bone, or joint dislocation. If you hear a noise that’s outside of the ordinary snaps, crackles, or pops and feel pain, go see a healthcare professional.

What can I do?

Noisy joints are a part of getting older! Don’t be alarmed if they’re making a little more noise than usual. Be aware of how they feel.

Start taking Ideal Collagen to help lubricate your joints. It will help you not to worry about a little snap, crackle, pop!

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