If you’re intimidated by all of the extensive skincare routines flaunted by Instagram influencers everywhere, you’re not alone. Surely, you’ve been hounded by thousands of products that you NEED to add to your regimen. And most probably cost a pretty penny. The thing is, skincare doesn’t have to be hard. Here are 10 simple skincare ideas that can keep your skin looking beautiful!

Woman washes her face at the sink in bathroom

1. Cleanse Twice A Day

Cleansing is the most important thing that you can do for your skin. Lots of dirt, dead skin, and other impurities build up on your skin throughout the day, and you need to rinse them off at the end of the day. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser that works for your skin type. Try out an oil-based or water-based cleanser depending on what works for you.

2. Ditch the Tools

You might be tempted to buy a fancy cleansing brush or expensive washcloth, but honestly, you don’t need them. Your tools will most likely accumulate bacteria on them (gross!) and might even make your skin worse! Use clean fingertips to cleanse and apply your products!

3. Tone Up

Toning is a step you shouldn’t skip on. Use a nourishing, alcohol-free toner to restore your skin to its correct pH balance.  Tone after you’ve cleansed your skin and you’ll notice a difference in your skin!

4. Moisturize Liberally

Moisturize your skin after you cleanse to restore that hydration that your skin needs! Use a heavier moisturizing cream or balm at night and a lighter one in the morning. If you have dry skin, you might need to use an ultra-rich moisturizer, especially in the winter.

5. Slather on Sunscreen

The sun is the biggest factor in premature aging. The best way to preserve smooth, youthful, skin is to load up on sunscreen! Try out a mineral-based sunscreen that is non-comedogenic so that you won’t find yourself with unwanted breakouts.

6. Use Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is so delicate and sensitive that it needs extra attention. Get a gel or cream eye cream to hydrate that skin around your eyes. Many swear by it and claim that it helps them look younger.

7. Relax with a Mask

Treat yourself every once in a while to a relaxing face mask. Find a sheet mask that you love and do it when you feel like your skin needs just a little boost!

8. Exfoliate Weekly

Don’t be tempted to exfoliate your skin every single day. That can actually aggravate your skin and cause breakouts. Exfoliate with a gentle exfoliating cleanser once a week. Make sure that the exfoliating beads are round. You don’t want to use an exfoliant with sharp edges. Avoid salt or sugar scrubs or cleansers that contain ground nuts or shells.

9. Switch Sides

If you sleep on your side, your face probably suffers from being squished against your pillow all night. Switch sides every other night, or better yet, sleep on your back to save your face from permanent pillow lines!

10. Take supplements

Some supplements are great for your skin. Try out Ideal Collagen! It stimulates your body’s natural collagen production and helps your skin tone and texture.


These simple skincare ideas are sure to help you be consistent in your skincare routine.




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