If you’ve never heard of adding this skin-enhancing protein powder to your favorite caffeine-filled drink, you’re out of the loop. It seems like everyone is putting collagen in their coffee. Some companies have even made collagen powders specifically for adding to your coffee, like Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer. Though you might be enticed by the idea of collagen in your coffee, does it really do anything?

Let’s start with what collagen is and what it can do for your body.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that is abundant in the body. It is the substance that holds your cells together and gives your body structure. Collagen is especially prominent in the skin, hair, nails, and joints. When you are young, your body produces all the collagen that you need. However, as you age, your collagen production slows, and you’re left with not enough collagen in your body. When you don’t have enough collagen, you start to get wrinkles, fine lines, joint pain, and dry and brittle hair and nails.

Many people have turned to collagen to combat fine lines, wrinkles, dry hair, and brittle nails. Collagen supplements have been scientifically proven to improve skin tone and texture! Collagen supplements come in a wide variety, including capsules, powders, gummies, creams, and drinks. Some like to add a powder to their daily coffee to give themselves a boost of protein and skin-protecting goodness.

Collagen in Your Coffee

Many people believe that collagen dissolved in coffee isn’t an effective way to consume the vital supplement because it can’t survive in hot temperatures. Though it is true that collagen can’t survive in hot temperatures, your coffee will never be warm enough to destroy the protein. One study exposed collagen protein to temperatures of 302–788ºF (150–420ºC) and observed degradation starting at 302ºF. You wouldn’t be able to drink coffee that hot! The average cup of coffee is brewed 100ºF cooler than that, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that!

As long as your coffee is below 302ºF, the quality of your protein powder should be unaffected.


If you’re a daily coffee drinker, adding collagen powder to your favorite caffeinated drink is a convenient way to get an extra protein boost and reap all the excellent benefits that collagen has to offer! You can add Ideal Collagen to your coffee to give it a wonderfully unexpected berry flavor!

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