Collagen is a protein that keeps your skin looking healthy and glowing – but that’s not all. Here are 9 different ways collagen benefits you.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and essentially works as the body’s “glue.”

As we age, our collagen levels decrease, and we start to get wrinkles, fine lines, and joint pains among other things; this is where collagen supplements help.

Whether you use collagen pills, powders, or liquids, collagen benefits for men and women are essentially the same.

Here are 9 collagen benefits for skin, muscles, and overall wellness.

Great for post-workout nutrition

Close Up Of Man Making Protein Shake After Exercise At Home

Have you ever wondered why athletes and people at the gym eat protein bars and drink protein shakes? It’s because protein is essential to muscle recovery.

Workouts effectively break down muscles, which need to rebuild and recover – which is where protein comes in.

Collagen protein powder supports the body’s protein needs during and after workouts. Collagen has 18 amino acids and 8 out of 9 essential amino acids, only found through dietary proteins.

It also contains key amino acids (20% glycine and 8% arginine) that help with the synthesis of creatine, essential for muscular contraction.

Relief for arthritis symptoms

If you’re suffering from arthritis and are experiencing joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation, collagen may be able to help.

In one clinical trial, there was a 70% response rate for noticeable or significant improvement in patients with joint pain who took collagen supplements.

Another study showed that collagen was 25% more effective in reducing stiffness and osteoarthritis pain when compared to other anti-inflammatory supplements.

Helps build stronger bones

Up to 50% of our bone strength is lost as our collagen production decreases. Collagen supplements may be able to help by stimulating new bone cell growth.

The more collagen present in our bones, the stronger our bones are, decreasing the risk of fractures.

Stronger joints and ligaments

By taking collagen supplements daily, you may strengthen your tendons, joints, and ligaments, which helps prevent injury.

According to one study, daily intake of collagen peptides may significantly increase collagen fiber diameter.

Improved joint flexibility and mobility

Flexible woman meditating, yoga training

Daily collagen supplementation may improve flexibility (ex: extending your knee) and overall mobility in both athletes and patients with arthritis.

When taking supplements, people may be able to exercise longer before experiencing any joint pain.

Faster recovery time

Just like collagen helps muscles rebuild after exercising, it helps connective tissue and muscles recover after injuries.

Collagen is essential when it comes to regenerating strength and flexibility in torn joints, muscles, and ligaments.

Helps with weight loss

According to research, collagen keeps you fuller for longer than other proteins. Collagen supplements can stimulate the release of satiating hormones into the blood, helping you feel full and satisfied.

People who took daily collagen supplements consumed 20% less than people who used other proteins.

Healthy teeth, nails, and hair

Hair loss, brittle nails, and decreased tooth strength may be a sign of collagen deficiency.

Collagen supplementation may help offset decreased collagen levels, helping to build strong, healthy hair follicles, nails, and teeth.

Improves skin hydration

Collagen helps to increase skin moisture levels and decrease dry skin. The benefits of collagen for the skin are not just reserved for topicals.

According to some studies, oral collagen supplements may even be more effective at improving skin hydration than creams and lotions.

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