Joint pain can occur for various reasons, one of which comes with aging. As a person ages, their collagen levels start to decline by 1-2 percent per year beginning at about age 30. Also, with age, the risk of developing degenerative joint disorders like osteoarthritis increases.

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How is collagen related to joint pain?

There are three types of collagen in the body. Collagen Type II makes up 50% of cartilage protein. Collagen helps to maintain healthy cartilage and protects and cushions your joints. When this type of collagen levels drop, the cartilage is weakened and stops regenerating. In addition, the ligaments and tendons start moving with less ease, leading to stiffness and swollen joints. When someone doesn’t have the requisite amounts of cartilage and consequently the lubrication from hyaluronic acid, the joints rub together and can cause inflammation and joint pain. This is why raising the collagen levels in the body will help the joints. Adequate amounts of collagen allows the joints to glide and move without pain.

Are there any studies that show that joint pain has been reduced by taking collagen supplements?

Multiple studies have linked taking collagen supplements with reduced symptoms of arthritis. One study done in 2009 in the International Journal of Medical Sciences, showed that four out of five osteoarthritis sufferers who took a daily 40 mg dose of type-II collagen saw their pain drop by an average of 26%.

From a physiological perspective, your body can’t tell the difference between if you ate a piece of chicken, black beans or took a hydrolyzed collagen supplement. They’re all sources of protein and once your digestive system has broken them down into amino acids they’re indistinguishable from each other.

So why take hydrolyzed collagen supplements?

Dr. Kimberly Sanders, ND, Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine says the “predigested” collagen supplements make the amino acids more easily available to your tissues. When you take hydrolyzed collagen, you’re getting a boost of specific amino acids that are rich in collagen.”

Collagen Type II supplements have been shown to stimulate new collagen production, reduce inflammation and therefore lessen joint pain. Overall, supplementation will improve someone’s joint and cartilage health. Taking collagen supplements has been shown to help improve symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce inflammation, thereby reducing joint pain. By boosting collagen intake, you can return to or sustain an active lifestyle, thus achieving your fitness goals and giving you a better quality of life. The most effective method for taking Collagen Type II is in a supplement that has been hydrolyzed for maximum absorption.

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